Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Year, new blog.... stay tuned!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Day

Lily and her Daddy had a fun time at the Natural History Museum yesterday with Lily's friend Emma Kate and her daddy.

"I've got the golden ticket..." to the butterfly garden.
Seriously, how cute are they?? Intense discussion on lepidopterology (yup, I had to look that one up!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lily Sings Rudolph

Sort of...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas Fun

Lily was excited to wish her Grandma and Grandpa a Merry Christmas... and after that, she wanted to play Hungry Hungry Hippos! Noah was psyched about his cleaning trolley... and he hasn't let go of the broom since. The kid loves to "clean"!

Lily frequently talks about one of her friend's guitars, so she was very surprised and happy to have her own...
... and showed us her Princess/Musician routine for the rest of the evening. We got some great video, which we will post soon.

Princess Lily

Merry Christmas!

Lily asked Santa for a princess dress and a tea set. She was so excited that Santa brought a Snow White dress that she put it on right away! Snuggling with her pet puppy... thanks, Chase and Merrick!
Santa also came through on the tea set.
Playing with her new tag reader... thanks Grandma and Pop!
Now into her Tinkerbell ensemble from Mommy and Daddy... and digging into her stocking.
Transformed into Sleeping Beauty and drawing on new new princess poster... thanks Uncle Mikey and Aunt Sarah!
Then she helped me put out some treats for our friends...
Celebrating the holiday by drinking juice from champagne flutes with fellow princess, Josie

Christmas Eve

After her little brother went to bed on Christmas Eve, Lily got to open one present... Christmas books featuring some of her favorite book characters, Olivia and Fancy Nancy.
Earlier in the day, she colored a picture for Santa...
... so she dictated a note and left him and the reindeer a snack. Then it was off to bed!

Meeting Emery

Lily enjoyed seeing our friends' new baby girl, Emery. Daddy and I enjoyed a few baby snuggles, too!


When Briant and baby Reed stopped by our house last week, there was a duck in our front yard! I can't remember ever seeing a mallard in DC, yet alone our neighborhood...
Lily was so excited, and watched him out front and fed him a few goldfish (crackers) before he waddled away.

Santa brings Lily a...

... princess dress. Just what Lily asked for!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Angels


The blizzard of '09 in DC?? It's snowing like crazy here! Lily couldn't wait to go outside and play... Noah really wanted to go where Lily and Daddy were headed, but didn't have as much fun once he was actually outside.

Her eyes look like she's smiling as Daddy takes her for a saucer ride around the block...
Could get as many as 20 inches by the time the day is over!